Tuesday, March 15, 2016

P1030527 workshop sketch 120

Today we spent most of the day at a marketing clinic entitled “Capacity Building and Design Development for Marketing Markets work for the Conflict Affected Nepal.” The goals were ambitious, but concrete steps were taken to address the needs of the Nepali artistic community. There were several lectures discussing the value of indigenous arts forms and how to market them to a global market. There were also  a number of interesting artists and discussions about their work and needs. Rajeev Sethi, chairman and founder of the Asian Heritage Foundation, moderated the discussions. I gained a good deal of insight on what is possible.

2016-03-15 13.42.18 workshop

In the evening, I joined Bill McAlister, former director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, as we each presented talks on our past work at the Yalamaya Kendra in Kathmandu.

Tomorrow we head to the headwaters of the Bagmati River located in one of Nepal’s pristine national parks, and then we go to see Dr. Jha at the Kathmandu Institute to discuss his research on snow trout and his memories of the Bagmati River.